Customizable Services

Our goal is happy snacking employees and students so Customer Satisfaction is something we take seriously.  We begin with you in mind customizing our program to suit your company’s specific needs. Our sales associates can assist you in designing a program to achieve your company’s snacking needs:  

1. Full Service Program

This program provides the service requested by most companies. Full Service is designed for the company interested in having refreshments delivered automatically and made available through vending equipment at competitive prices.  We don't like stale snacks so we have technology to let us know when to refill so you don't run out of snacks you like.  

2. Subsidy Program - Employer funds the snacks and beverages

This program is similar to the Full Service program, however, it is designed to offer refreshments at a reduced or discounted price to employees. The company headquarters or senior manager subsidizes the discounted amount they decide on. The subsidized amount is invoiced by Healthy Success Vending on a monthly basis. Win-Win for employees - prices are favorable, healthy options are explored and adopted and employers can trust the snacks to be of high quality leading to improved productivity over time.  Again, when we snack right, we work successfully better over time rather than high sugar and then crashes.  Sensible eating throughout the day made affordable by employers is a good thing. 

3. Full Subsidy Program (Free Vending for employees; employer funds the snacks/beverages)

This program provides refreshments free of charge. The company provides the program to their employees and Healthy Success Vending invoices the company for any purchases. We utilize handheld technology to track sales and give you accurate records.

4. Bulk Delivery Service Program

This program is designed for the company that wishes to offer refreshments to their employees or customers without vending machines. Scheduled deliveries are made based on approved locations within our routes. Deliveries are subject to minimums.


There are NO Fees to install our machines and NO Contracts.  

If you don't like us, give us about 30 days to remove equipment, it is that easy.