Eco Friendly Machines Each Machine is equipped with smart options such as Google Pay ®, Apply Pay ®, and Cash/Debit/Credit. Remote reporting to help us know when you need service.

Vending Service 

You don't want to worry about if the machine is filled, we deliver what is needed based on daily reports generated by Vending Machine! 

What We Offer

Healthier Snacks and Beverages 

We offer a voting list of snacks and beverages that have proven to be tasty and well liked by our clients and also healthier.  We will involve you as to what we fill the machine and share new items to change things up a bit.

About Our Company

We are more than a vending service company. Our long term goal is to be your healthy partner sharing relevant information that will make a difference to your bottom line and empoyee satisfaction. 

We’re family owned and operated business committed to providing you with the best snacking and beverage options using state of the art vending machines and superior customer service.  Our clients range from students, faculty, corporate 500 companies, and also local manufacturing businesses that want to offer their employees or students a range of healthy options.

Our commitment is Fast service,  Healthier options, and Fair pricing.

We offer Knowledge of healthy options

We are at the forefront of healthy options for our clients.  If there are snacking options that you like we will research availability and determine if the snacks can fit our machines.  We are serious about healthy options and can help your organizations get more healthy.  Healthy people are the core of any organization for its vitality and growth. 

Brands our clients love to eat:

Boulder Chips - GMO Free, Gluten free

Stacy's Pita Chips

Food Should Taste Good

Cliff Bars

Chex Mix

The D'Adamo Unibars - Eat Right For Your Diet.


We advocate for changes

We are proud to say that we will write letters, sign petitions, start petitions, and contact representatives to voice concerns that would impact food policy and preferences.  We will also share with you information to get you informed on health trends.  Make sure you connect with us on Twitter and or Facebook to get involved. 

We support the Community
We don't like waste and we will provide surplus snacks and beverages meeting the Food Pantry guidelines to local food banks such as the Stamford Food Bank and Blessed Sacrament Food Pantry in Bridgeport, CT.